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VideoCX is brought to you by Voxpopme - the world’s leading video insight and analytics platform. Our experience has turned VideoCX into an instant, global solution - driving change for the world's largest brands.


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It's not Hollywood - these are people's raw feelings that you see and it’s extremely impactful. What we hear from customers is very much raw, in-the-moment feedback and it's something that we're using extensively at Asda to get the entire business engaged with the customer to drive change.

Oliver Wilson, Customer Insight Manager at Asda
Oliver Wilson, Customer Insight Manager at Asda

At Clorox we really value data which is a great thing but I think sometimes it's hard to really showcase the impact of that data. So within our own four walls, with our leadership teams, we've been able to take that data to the next level and showcase consumers that actually are articulating those points out of their own mouths via video

Kendra Peters Shapiro, Global Insights Manager, Kingsford at The Clorox Company
Kendra Peters Shapiro, Global Insights Manager, Kingsford at The Clorox Company

At Oath, we need to have data backed insights but video helps us bring customer stories to life and that tends to be something that really resonates with our stakeholders.

Denise Brien, Senior Director, Consumer Analytics & Research at Oath
Denise Brien, Senior Director, Consumer Analytics & Research at Oath

VideoCX is Voxpopme's latest product, but there's loads more to see...


Why video?
A typical video response is 6-8 times longer than a text-based response. Video brings depth, context, emotion and authenticity, which increases stakeholder engagement and drives action. It also gives customers an engaging way to share their experience and feel better connected to your brand, helping you:
  • Build a deeper understanding of consumers across the organization
  • Identify opportunities for improvement by revealing the why behind existing CX data
  • Drive change and increase influence amongst key stakeholders with memorable customer stories
Who will record video?
Our clients see great participation levels across their full range of customers, from 18 to 85. Video is particularly effective when capturing feedback from millennials and younger generations who are using video every day.
How should I use VideoCX?
VideoCX is a standalone end-to-end CX solution. Already have a CX program you don’t want to give up? No worries. VideoCX can easily be integrated within your current CX surveys to reveal the “why” behind customer data.
What does VideoCX include?
VideoCX is a complete end-to-end CX solution that allows your customers to easily share video feedback in addition to providing traditional CX scores. Once data is collected, our industry-leading analytics platform finds compelling insights in seconds and turns customer stories into powerful, ready-to-share showreels.
Do I need any specialist knowledge or training?
No, we make it super-easy to get going. Survey creation is a snap and Voxpopme’s analysis and editing platform is designed to be intuitive for any user. However, we do have helpful guides and a friendly team to support you along the way to ensure you discover key insights from your VideoCX.
What if already have a CX program in place?
The beauty of VideoCX is that it can be THE program, or it can sit alongside existing programs. So, no matter how you wish to bring customer stories into your CX feedback, we have a video solution for you.
How do I get started?
All you need to get started is a short demo with our team of VideoCX specialists. Book your demo here to explore the possibilities of VideoCX and discuss practical use cases that have delivered for companies like eBay, Verizon, Tesco, Asda, Microsoft and more.

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