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Why Video?

Easily Understand Emotion

Easily Understand Emotion

See, hear, feel and quantify your customer and employee experiences

Uncover the 'Why'

Uncover the 'Why'

Go deep behind the score and drill down to actionable insights with powerful evidence

Drive Empathy

Drive Empathy

Rapidly share powerful insight, demanding attention and transforming culture

Enhance Survey Experience

Enhance Survey Experience

Enable respondents to freely express thoughts and feelings, greatly improving the feedback experience

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How VideoCX Works



Enable your customers and employees to share their experiences via video, across any touchpoint, on any device, at any time.

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Powerful video analytics provide real-time insight and alerts into key themes, trends and emotions experienced across the journey.

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Transform the way you communicate feedback with stories that engage stakeholders and drive empathy.



Drive change and strengthen relationships by following up on feedback with video replies.

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It's not Hollywood - these are people's raw feelings that you see and it’s extremely impactful. What we hear from customers is very much raw, in-the-moment feedback and it's something that we're using extensively at Asda to get the entire business engaged with the customer to drive change.

Oliver Wilson, Customer Insight Manager at Asda
Oliver Wilson, Customer Insight Manager at Asda

At Clorox we really value data which is a great thing but I think sometimes it's hard to really showcase the impact of that data. So within our own four walls, with our leadership teams, we've been able to take that data to the next level and showcase consumers that actually are articulating those points out of their own mouths via video

Kendra Peters Shapiro, Global Insights Manager, Kingsford at The Clorox Company
Kendra Peters Shapiro, Global Insights Manager, Kingsford at The Clorox Company

At Oath, we need to have data backed insights but video helps us bring customer stories to life and that tends to be something that really resonates with our stakeholders.

Denise Brien, Senior Director, Consumer Analytics & Research at Oath
Denise Brien, Senior Director, Consumer Analytics & Research at Oath

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Introducing See Suite

Looking to get your feedback in the right hands?

See Suite™, our executive focused mobile reporting app, brings to life the experiences your company creates. Providing on-stream access to customer and employee videos and analytics in real-time. Instituting a genuine and human perspective into the day-to-day decision making process"

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See Suite

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